• Say it with flowers, colors, candles ….

    Posted on 24 July 2012 by mavi in Events, General.

    Whether a centerpiece for a dinner with friends, than to give a touch of color and atmosphere to the home, to the office, than to set up for the wedding reception or a themed evening, candles, flowers and colors are just right.

    The combination of elements such as water, fire, air and earth, will create the most magical atmosphere, the most romantic mood.

    Lanterns and candles placed in the garden, hanging from tree branches, and floating in the pool, will kindle and warm the summer cooler evenings in and the hearts of all your guests.

    The colors of a colorful bouquet, in contrast with the white tablecloths or shabby chic style, will bring joy and good humor to anyone, crowning the table service and communicating emotions.

    Simplicity, elegance, style and atmosphere according to the colors and the elements chosen: from the “evergreen” roses and calla lilies, to the simple seasonal and field flowers, from shabby chic style lanterns, to those marine style, from the tea-lights to the candle bags set by the pool.

    Simple ideas and original, even by the do-it-yourself: a vase with water, flower petals and floating candles or common jars (such as for jam) lined with colored tissue paper and inside a small candle …

    To you continue with your fantasy …

    Images: skonahem.com/flickr/chicchedinozze.com/pinterest

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