• Red carpet: The Christmas tree.

    Posted on 29 November 2012 by mavi in Events, General, Red Carpet.

    Christmas is getting closer and as tradition at the beginning of December the house is dressed in lights and decorations.
    One of these patterns is just the Christmas tree and in general the preparation becomes a time of sharing with the whole family: Christmas is also this, to share moments of joy.
    No matter how big or small, real or greener, but what is important is that it is decorated, lighted and why not stylish.
    Here are some tips to achieve the perfect tree with decorations and accessories, a mix of tradition and new trends.
    Usually the tree is located in the living area, then if there is a roaring fire the Christmas atmosphere is even more accentuated.
    The background music with Christmas themes will make the mood even more joyful.
    An alternative is to put the tree in the entrance of our home: all that come will be immediately involved in this joyful atmosphere.
    The decorations can follow the tradition from white to red to blue to silver, or with the trendy colors of purple, green or pink.
    A highlight is definitely the tree decorated with ornaments of glass and wrapped in a myriad of small leds: the effect of an enchanted landscape will be assured.
    For those who do not have sufficient space just decorate our home with mini Christmas trees, here and there and call the Christmas theme with lights, candles, cushions, tablecloths, small wreaths.
    The front door is another strong point of the Christmas decorations: with a beautiful garland in the shape that we like, and then go ahead with the threads of light that will give a touch of glamor to our house!

    Pics from the net, skonahem.com, Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart.

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