• “Bio” wedding

    Posted on 17 July 2012 by mavi in Events, General.

    Sweet and green hills, seas of sunflowers and poppies, stones of the country cottages, rows of vines and cypresses aligned as testimonials to breathtaking sunsets…and then perfumes, colours…This is Tuscany, as it appears to the spectator’s eyes enchanted at first sight from such beauty. A similar view can other then recall Tradition in its shining splendour, ideal frame for the new trend that is more and more fascinating bride and groom: the bio-wedding, based on habitat respect, interpreting and revaluating all possible elements.

    In the Tuscan countryside the more variegated locations, from the commercial farm to the country house, from the “agriturismo” with vineyard to the most luxury resort, are the most suitable frames to celebrate this moment of happiness and sharing. The forefront cateres suggest menus characterized by healthful and biological food: vegetables, meats and wines from the estate giving hospitality to the wedding will be the reception “must”, cheering up guests’ tables and taste…

    For the menu the password is “seasonal and territorial products”

    Protagonists of this “oeno-gastronomical tour”, fresh and seasonal ingredients: territorial vegetables, meats, cold-meats and cheeses, wines produced by local vines, hand-made pasta, old traditional recipes “brushed up and re-examinated”, soups recalling old tasting, the simply way to stay together and sharing…

    Table setting with natural cotton and linen tablecloth, colors of flowers, sweet herbs, pottery…

    The whole decorated with seasonal and local flowers, guide theme of the ceremony venue flower setting as well: roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, poppies, ears of wheat, lavander set in simple but elegant mixes…a colours concert perfect with the green around, the basical colour of the event.

    And then wedding favours and cards made by recycled paper and hand-written.

    The last look to the wedding dresses: hand-made with tissue locally produced and definitely Made in Italy.

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