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    Posted on 15 November 2012 by mavi in Events, Focus on, General.

    The Christmas season is certainly the most beautiful and magic time of year: lights, decorations, flavors, colors, scents; the sense of joy that invades us, the sense of expectation that accompanies us…
    As a wedding planner I cannot remain indifferent to this alchemy of elements and often I find myself enchanted to enjoy the lights as the backdrop of everyday life.
    And I cannot remain indifferent to the joy that comes over me when I organize a wedding at Christmas, with far more romance during the day … imagine if during the event were even snowing! …
    The euphoria of the preparations is accompanied by the euphoria of this period, the idea of conviviality, of being together and celebrating becomes even more the theme of the event.
    Soft , white atmosphere, mixed with touches of gold, red and green or blue or silver and silver and white, or crystal transparency, perfume of cinnamon and sweet, and especially cascades of lights and candles everywhere.
    The setting for the ceremony will recall the Christmas decorations.
    From the most classic red and white poinsettias along with the green of the holly to create islands of color, to the more “bon ton” red and white roses in compositions that recall the decoration of the Christmas tree and many, many, many candles to create the atmosphere of a dream …
    At the location chosen for the reception plays of “Christmas” lights will welcome the arrival of guests and of the newlywed.
    The Christmas tree set up at the entrance will give a glittering “welcome home” and become the corner chosen as gifts for wedding favors.
    A very original and elegant idea to organize a gospel choir to entertain guests during the cocktail party to spread throughout the atmosphere of Christmas and to give continuity to the music chosen for the ceremony is civil or religious.
    The menu will be on tradition: hot food, tasty and substantial, accompanied by good red wine that warms hearts and makes every atmosphere familiar.
    The tables with red or blue tablecloths, with touches of gold or silver … and then many crystals hanging from the chandeliers that are the centerpieces.
    … And if there are many children, Santa Claus will arrive at a certain moment coming out from a hidden corner creating a surprise with lots of Christmas treats…

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